Born in Pula in 1965, where he lived only shortly. When he was two years old, his parents moved to Orlovac in the vicinity of Bjelovar, where he attended school. He was interested in drawing for as long as he can remember. At elementary school, he first encounters comic books and learns about their creation. At about the same time, there was a feature called “Celebrity Gallery” in the magazine “Studio” in which a portrait-caricature would be published every week, which he in turn immediately copied with every new edition.


As is the case with most of those afflicted, the is still as passionate about drawing as he was as a child. His first works were published in VPA in 1987. He did a dozen “Tom and Jerry” comic book episodes and was at the same time chosen at a “Music Youth of Croatia” contest to recieve a scholarship for the first comic book school in Grožnjan. There, he was mentored by local comic book legend, Jules Radilović. Afterwards, he published several works in crosswords by the “Čvor” publishing company. With the beginning of the war and the disappearance of most magazines, he stopped publishing.
He spent the war as a professional soldier and retired from the army with a disability pension.


After the war, in 1999, he started the KiST online web site, devoted to caricature and comics. KiST was very successful in Croatian web terms and was among the top 100 web sites in Croatia for two consecutive years. KiST was stopped in 2006.
In 2001, a feature called “Open Gallery” was started on the official web site of the Croatian association of caricaturists, where he published several works after a pause of many years. Encouraged by the secretary of the HDK at the time, Nikola Plečko, he joined the association.


He has been increasingly involved in caricature ever since, with works published in most Croatian newspapers, like “Vjesnik”, “Večernji list”, “Potepuh”, “Berekin”…


He took part in almost all of the collective exhibitions of the HDK as a member.
On February 28, 2005, he held his first independent caricature exhibition in Osijek, organized by Tomislav Dušanić.
He was a member of the judging panel of the international caricature festival “Čvorak” in Bjelovar on two occasions.
With the lack of publishing space for caricature in printed media, he was given his own feature on the GSM operator VIPNET’s Internet portal, where he publishes 15 caricatures per month.
Aside from caricature, Zoran is involved in drawing comics and various illustrations and today once again enjoys drawing as much as he did before.